A brand new year and a brand new decade!

With the turning of the clock hand striking that big old number 12 most people’s focus turns to ‘New Year… New Me!’

This New Year is somewhat different as it not only signifies the start of a new year but also a brand-new DECADE!

First off, I hope everyone had a fabulous and joyous time off over the festive period with those dearest to them and were able to find some down time to recharge their souls. As ever when we enter a New Year it gives people the opportunity to reflect, contemplate and take stock of the past year. With all experiences; the good, the bad and the ugly; we can glean so many lessons from them if we allow ourselves to. With those lessons hopefully learnt, we receive insight in to how we hope the year ahead is going to be and all we hope to achieve.

Whatever your dreams, goals, aspirations and ambitions for the year or even decade ahead, here are a few tips that may help you get there with a little more ease:

  • take your dreams, goals & aspirations seriously. If you don’t take them seriously how do you expect others to?
  • believe in yourself. You got this! After all, you made it this far
  • be specific with your goals. Generalisation equals wishy washiness. Think like a sniper, aim in on that goal like a target and when the time is right….. BOOM!
  • break your goals into manageable chunks. Overwhelm will kill those goals faster than a blink of an eye. We all like to feel motivated but if the goal seems unrealistic, we are never getting off the starting block. Take one step at a time, re-evaluate and adjust as necessary, then take that next step.
  • play to your strengths. Do what you do best. The bits you are not good at aim to improve on them. They say you are only as strong as your weakest link. Strengthen those links. If you don’t have the time to improve on them or it’s going to take too long, then source other people who are good at your weak areas and ask if they can assist. Teamwork makes the dream work and all that jazz.
  • communicate your needs and wants. Unfortunately, not everyone has the gift of mind reading, if only, right?! if we express our needs and wants regularly, we are less likely to be met with resistance, disappointment or feeling let down. It can be tough vocalising these, it can leave us feeling vulnerable at times, which leads us on to….
  • overcome your fear of rejection. In fact, overcome ALL your FEARS. Living your life in fear is only keeping yourself in a prison and the saddest part is that YOU are the prison warden. FREE YOURSELF
  • be kind to yourself. You will no doubt at some point make a mistake. Don’t beat yourself up, we are actually hardwired to learn this way. Embrace your failures as a good thing. If you are failing, then you are learning. The key point with failing though is not to make the same mistake TWICE!!! Otherwise, you are not learning and therefore not taking that step forward.
  • stop overthinking. Get out your head at times. It can be a messy place to be. That way of thinking can lead us into hot water more times than we care to be. Listen to the inherent wisdom that your gut tells you. It’s always got your back. Tune into it frequently. Practices that help with this include alone time, meditation, being in nature more.
  • develop healthy habits. Ones that make you better EVERYDAY! The things we do day in and day out are what form our habits. Habits can either be beneficial or a hindrance to our achievements. Analyse what you do daily and evaluate how you can improve it. Top tip – when creating or building a new habit, tag it on to one you already do, you are far more likely to stick with it and therefore create a sustainable long-term habit. If you are really struggling to establish this new habit, ask yourself what may be hiding behind it. There may well be a deeper level as to why there is a block here. Are you self-sabotaging?
  • declutter. Let that old shit go! When we hold onto old feelings, habits, belongings, anything really, we deny the new things from entering. It’s like having a cupboard already full. But full of what? Take stock. Is all the old stuff your hanging onto serving you well? You can’t fit more stuff in without first getting rid of some old stuff otherwise it simply creates more clutter. Let’s face it we all have a ‘Clutter Cupboard’ and not just in our houses but our mind also. Clutter Cupboards not only take up valuable space but use up valuable energy too. Energy that can be put to better use to push your goals forward instead of holding them back.
  • embrace change. Change can feel painful but not as painful as staying put. Ever feel like you’re being left behind? Get friendly with change, it’s not the enemy. If change doesn’t come easy, then ask yourself – what am I resisting? Yes, you may want your goal 100% but if you are resistant to it for some reason 100% then simple maths tells us your back at ground zero and stuck at the starting blocks…. AGAIN!!
  • Run this simple equation every time you feel stuck and change is not happening so easily. MANIFESTATION = DESIRE – RESISTANCE : Goal = how badly you want it – blockage/obstacle of some sort created either externally or internally
  • stay true to yourself. Sometimes in chasing those dreams we get swept up in so many things that it’s easy to get a little lost. Sometimes we get lost in others dreams and goals too. It’s tricky staying grounded in a whirlwind. Take a step back and ask is this mine or is this their goal? Refocus and ring it back to the core reason you started this in the first place. And remember it’s OKAY for goals to change and mould into new versions nothing is designed to stay the same forever.
  • take time out. And the key word here is REGULARLY. What’s the point of having goals if it’s all work and no play? Constant stress is not an enjoyable playground and is one sure fire way to creating obstacles to your goals. Our system will not allow change to occur if it’s in survival mode. Let’s face it no-one enjoys a shit journey no matter how fabulous the destination is. It kinda just tarnishes that sparkle somewhat.
  • heal. We pick up wounds through this life. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual. It’s non-negotiable. It’s going to happen. Some more than others. Give yourself permission and time to let them heal. Seek help where needed and space on your own when needed. We have the greatest ability to heal. Do not deny yourself this right. It is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself.
  • express gratitude. What we put out comes back to us tenfold. Be mindful of your thoughts not just what you think of others but also of yourself. Every cell of your being listens to you and responds. A bit like music. When we hear upbeat happy music, we tend to feel energised. When we hear nature sounds, we feel calm.
  • Ask yourself what music is my thoughts playing today? Are you in a musical? A comedy? A romance? A horror? If you don’t like the music that’s being played change the station. Your choice. ALWAYS!