Raw CBD Pastes 5ml (825mg of CBD)


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Our Flora Fusion CBD Paste is made from Organic, Full Spectrum Cannabinoids.

Cannabinoid Paste Content – The Paste’s contents includes a minimum of 825 mg of CBD content which is =   to 16.5% of the entire formula. This is a high concentration of Cannabinoids and Vitamins.

Full Spectrum – CBG, CBDa, CBN, Terpenes, Flavonoids

This brilliant product is a multi-spectrum cannabinoid paste consisting of non-GMO organic phytocannabinoid (Plant Derived) compounds to produce a powerful supplementary combination. Quality tested and free from pesticides this CO2 extracted product will be a great addition to general health protocols. Cannabinoid Paste is one of the more potent products and is jam-packed full of cannabinoids and natural health-boosting compounds. The paste is made by CO2 extracting the essence of the cannabis plant. Unlike CBD oil, where the remaining plant pulp is disregarded, CBD paste is made from every inch of canna-goodness. The paste is a rich and intense product which is perfect for an instant intake of CBD. Unlike other CBD products, CBD paste is best to be consumed orally by mixing with food, eating or placing under the tongue. This way, every vitamin and cannabinoid can be absorbed into your system.

We have tested and tried all of our products and only offer you, our customers, the best possible quality. Our CBD Paste is premium quality because we have narrowed down the best products so that we can share them with our friends, family and you. Here at Flora-Fusion, we care about the quality of our CBD Paste because we are passionate about your wellbeing. If Cannabinoid paste works for you, this is a magnificent find.

For more information on CBD Paste & its benefits follow the link to our blog post. If you would like more information on CBD please follow the link

to: What is CBD?

Additional information

Instructions for use

We get a lot of questions about how best to take CBD Paste. The best way to take this product is to put a small amount under your tongue once or twice a day.

Squeeze a small amount from the syringe
Hold under your tongue for 60-90 seconds
Rinse mouth with a glass of water if required
Repeat if using a higher dosage/multiple times a day

Under your tongue, the cells are much more sensitive and are used by your body to quickly absorb sugars & nutrients as a quick way of absorbing energy immediately from food. By putting the CBD paste under your tongue, you absorb the contents of the paste and it will be directly absorbed into the bloodstream; if the paste were to be eaten and absorbed via the stomach, a lot of the cannabinoids will be wasted as this method of absorption isn’t very efficient.