Vocal Massage

Working with structures of the breath and voice to help enhance vocal/athletic performance as well as breathing dysfunctions/conditions.

There are many muscles that are used in breathing and voice production and just like every other muscle in the body, they can get tired and overused. Vocal Massage Therapy treatments utilise soft tissue techniques involving massage and manipulation of the structures involved in voice production and the respiratory system, including techniques to improve your posture.

By releasing tension in the neck, larynx, tongue, jaw, shoulders, diaphragm, intercostals, upper chest and hip flexors, we aim to leave you feeling freer and more open, with a deeper connection to the muscles involved in breathing, speaking and singing.

If you are on tour, we may be able to come to the theatre/venue you are working in, subject to the Theatre Manager’s approval. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.


  • Enhanced vocal endurance
  • Enhanced vocal range
  • Enhanced lung capacity
  • Recovery rate & healing after injury

Suitable For:

  • Singers
  • Actors
  • Public speakers
  • Teachers
  • Comedians
  • All professional voice users
  • Coaches
  • Athletes


These sessions involve a consultation and treatment with any aftercare advice given. Available for either 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

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